About Carver Coordination

At Carver Coordination, I know that you want to enjoy your wedding day. In order to do that, you need to feel relaxed and know that someone is taking care of the details. The problem is you are busy which makes you feel overwhelmed with the many to-dos stacking up in preparation. I believe that you deserve a fun planning experience just like you do a wedding day.


I understand that it is stressful to hear so many opinions from family members and friends, and it is easy to get overwhelmed by Pinterest which is why we have helped many couples narrow in on their design and planning.


We get to work! 

                      Have a Discovery Call to see where you are in the process and choose a planning package.


                       Begin solidifying your vendor team, and budget.

                       Enjoy every moment of your wedding day!

Schedule a call with us to get started. And in the meantime use this vendor tracking sheet to stay organized with vendor calls contracts and payments.

Are We a Good Fit?
" I couldn't say enough great things about you and are so happy to work with you" -Jaysa

I pride myself on professionalism

I have 8+ years planning expertise. I am solution oriented when it comes to logistics, timelines, centerpieces creation, wedding design and more. 

Inclusivity is a strong value of mine. I aim to work with vendors who share that value and educate vendors and venues on inclusivity.


Chaos Coordinator is not only a fitting title, but fits my personality to a tee. I thrive when I am busy, this is why the wedding industry is a perfect fit for me, it’s go, go go!


 My Patronus is a dolphin, a friendly and sociable creature, Harry Potter is my jam!


I have two adorable miniature dachshunds and a supportive partner


I am a Colorado native. My brand style has been described as Colorado, Rustic, Elegant, and Western

I am not a coffee drinker, but a tea kind of girl! Although I won't turn down a caramel latte when tempted


I believe that giving back to my community is very important and it keeps me motivated. This is why I donate my time to help plan and support local fundraisers for the local chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 3 Benevolent Fund