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2021 Colorado Wedding Trends & Inspiration Yearbook

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Colorado Wedding Trends and Ideas

This is one of my favorite things to do in the beginning of each new year. I love looking back at the full year of weddings that has come and gone and sharing some of my personal favorite moments with all of you!

These can help you come up with creative ideas for your own wedding or special event! Be sure to comment your favorite "yearbook mention" in the blog comments.

In true yearbook fashion- we have THE SUPERLATIVES

Most Likely to Have a Dog Themed Specialty Cocktail- Emma & Ryan

How cute is “The Humphrey”. What a fun way to have a pet there in spirit if they aren’t allowed at the venue. It has to put a smile on your guest’s face! Especially with the bow tie. Emma and Ryan Brittany Hill

Most Likely to Get Caught in the Rain- Erica & Nate

These two handled the downpour like champs! Luckily we had some umbrellas available. The bride also stayed warm in her cute jean jacket!

Most Likely to Celebrate Tradition- Katie & Sean

I loved that Katie and Sean choose to celebrate Sean’s Jewish culture and break the glass! It was a fun ceremonious finish to their commitment to each other.

Traditional wedding celebration organized by Carver Coordination

Most Likely to be Showered in Florals- Brie and Eric

I mean standing under those flowers, how could you say anything other than “I do!”.

Happy wedding party at a Colorado Wedding Ceremony

Most Likely to Wear Multiple Wedding Outfits- Suzanne & Dave

Outfit change! Get it girl. Suzanne had 3 dresses to pick from and said tis my day, I will wear them all! It was so fun how she had a dress that matched the ambiance of the specific moment in the wedding day. And it kept her guests on their feet!

Most Likely to Incorporate Their Personality- Becca & Mike

Becca & Mike put the most of their personality into their wedding décor! Everyone had so much fun admiring what they had come up with

Most Likely to Add Color- Stephanie & Charles

I loved all the bright colors on the Stephanie & Charles cake! It tied in their color theme and was a beautiful design.

Most Likely to Wear Comfortable Shoes- Nicole & Derek

LOVE this shoe choice. She was ready for dancing the night away and he was ready to carry her through the grassy fields!

Most Likely to Throw Confetti- Jeremy & Emily

These two had 3 different sendoffs technically, a walk out of the church when guests cheered, a confetti walk with the wedding party, and a sparkler send off at the end of the night! Such fun!

Wedding send off for a Colorado couple organized by Carver Coordination

Most Likely to Decorate- Vincent & Justin

When I say this was a winter wonderland, that doesn’t event begin to cover it! It was glam from ceiling to floor.

Most Likely to Wear Grandmas Jewelry- Jaysa & Hayden

I love when people tie in family heirlooms or items of loved ones that can’t be present. It is a special way to keep them with you at your wedding.

Most Likely to Wear Moms Dress- Mandy & Corey

Mandy wore her mother’s wedding dress! It was so beautiful and unique!

And since not everyone falls in that category- let’s looks at the “Best ofs” for 2021.

Best Anniversary Gift- Carrie & Luke

Since they were already married, (they eloped during Covid), when they got married in 2021, it was their one year anniversary. Luke gave Carrie another ring band as an anniversary gift! Carrie is so lucky!

Anniversary event planned by Carver Coordination

Best Dessert Wall- Kaylee & Henry

I know that watching the catering team set this up was making me drool! The guests loved all the choices!

Best Beer Distribution- Ali & Chase

Umm are Beer Burros not the cutest thing!? This fellas name was Marlin Brando and he did a great job making sure everyone had a beer in hand during cocktail hour.

Best Boho Dress- Sarah & Chris

Wedding gowns don’t get much more boho vibes than Sarah’s! She had the perfect TP backdrop to tie in the theme.

Best First Look with Dad- Ashley & Dylan

Even looking at these pictures brings a tear to my eyes, Ashley’s dad reaction is adorable!

Best Colorado Themed Guest Book- Steve and Shandra

When you think of Colorado- people think Mountains, and Steve and Shandra thought Skis! They had a nice wooden pair that everyone signed to hang in their home.

Best Spin on Father Daughter Dance- Hannah & Jadon

Maybe your not a big dancer that’s ok! Hannah, her dad and groom put their own twist on it and Juggled!

Best Wedding Party Gift- Rebeka & Christian

The wedding party gift can be a hard one to come up with but this groom had it figured out! They all rocked the sunglasses all night!

It is fun to also look at the year in a numbers fashion. Check out the “By the Numbers” for 2021.

# of couples

24 Married Couples!

(not all are shared due to preferences)

# of vendors

I worked with 118+ vendors! And many other helpful family and friends that offered services and support!

# of Venue Types 1 church

4 Ranches

4 Inns

3 Lodges

2 Ski Resort Mountains

5 Venues

1 Field

1 Hotel Ballroom

Unexpected Challenges

As with every wedding, there is at least one thing bound to go amiss. Here are a few “why you hire a wedding planner moments”. That way there is someone to do all these behind the scenes things.

  • Sewing together a broken dress zipper RIGHT before start time!

  • Tackling impacted items for wind

  • RAIN, rain, rain at the tippy top of a mountain

  • Throwing out a pig carcass

  • Helping arrange florals

  • Wrangling band members

  • Starting generators

  • Being the hype woman for a shuttle driver on a dark mountain road

  • Flipping blown fuses

  • Designing a circle ceremony with a unique walking path for each member of the wedding party

  • Wrapping favors for guest’s place settings during set up

  • Raking Leaves to keep the dress clean

  • Finding replacement hair and makeup the morning of the wedding

  • Gluing shoes back together

  • Sewing on buttons

  • Tying a boutonniere together so that you can see it in pictures

  • Stain sticking a bridesmaid dress

  • Providing pens for almost EVERY guestbook

  • Just to name a few!


This year was full of smiles, and I am thrilled that Carver Coordination got to be a part of so many wonderful weddings with such awesome people! Thanks y'all!

Love what you see? Work with us!

Stacie of Carver Coordination Wedding Planning and Event Management


Jaysa & Hayden


Katie and Sean


Erika & Nate @danelli_bridal

Emma & Ryan


Suzanne & Dave


Mandy & Corey

Brie & Eric

Stephanie & Charles


Carrie & Luke

Kaylee & Henry


Becca & Mike


Nicole & Derek


Ali & Chase


Rebeka & Christian

@ristcanyoninn @sarah_hall_photography @doragracebridal

Ashley & Dylan

@wildhearts.bigdreams @dondileigh_at_studio1 @leilanidrum @laceandlilies@ristcanyoninn

Sarah & Chris

@bridalcollection@younger_ranch@swedishblooms@katiepuc_photography @the_day_colorado

Jeremy & Emily

@menswearhouse@lovelybride @lovelybridedenver @loversxsociety @alyssamohr_photo@urbancanyon_wed@milehighstation @3tsdenver

Steve & Shandra


Vincent & Justin

@westindenverdowntown @amusicplus @clairelarisaphoto @themakerycakeco

Hannah & Jadon


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