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A Wizard Wedding That Every Muggle Dreams Of

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

I solemnly swear……

Many of us in our late twenties grew up reading the Harry Potter novels and watching all the movies as they came out. We were first in line at the midnight showing with our Hogwarts scarves in one hand and popcorn in the other. Our conversations with our friends were about what spells we would use, what each other's patronus would be, and our speculations of what Lord Voldemort would do next. With Harry Potter being such a unique influence on our young lives, what a better way to honor him, then by having a Harry Potter themed wedding! #harrypotterfan

Themed weddings can be so fun! Your guests will have a blast with the creativity that you put into it. You may even ask them to dress up for the theme or get involved in other ways. Trust me, your themed wedding will be something that will not be forgotten and will likely be the topic of conversations at holidays and reunions to come! Plus if the Harry Potter theme fits your dorky but AWESOME personality, your wedding will not only feel more personalized to you and your partner, but it will help the guests feel like they got to know you better.

To have a #themedwedding you can do just a few small touches or you can go completely over the top. The level of theme integration is totally up to you! However I will warn you that the theme excitement is catching. If you're a dreamer like me, you will fill your notebook with so many themed ideas. Once the wheels start turning, it is hard to stop them!

So how would your presume to get started with a wizard wedding, you are just a muggle after all... Here is some inspiration from our #wizardingworld wedding styled photoshoot.

Starting with the Wardrobe….

The hairpiece says it all!! The Gryffindor colored jewelry (and shoes!) really ties the look together.

We didn't even include the wedding party options here. You could tie in the different school uniforms from the tournament for the Goblet of Fire, the different house's uniforms or colors, the outfits Harry, Ron and Hermione wore for the Yule Ball... the opportunities are endless!

Boutineers can also open the door to incorporate themes like keys, feathers, your wedding flowers, or your love of books.

“Yer a wizard Harry” - Rubeus Hagrid The scarf and glasses will transform any muggle! Think if your whole wedding party had their house scarves for photos!

The Ceremony…

Such an important part of the wedding day (and of your marriage) celebrating love, the most powerful kind of MAGIC! Your ceremony is where spells are conjured and unbreakable vows are made and sealed by magic.

This ceremony took place on the Quidditch pitch, however there are many themed backdrops that would be appropriate to match the scottish look of the Hogwarts views.

The Reception Decor…

There is even a venue that looks like the Great Hall featured in the movie here in Colorado. However with a great wedding design company (wink wink) any space could be transformed.

Tables Settings

Your china settings and centerpieces can be totally varied from classic gold with a snitch, to a more romantic rose and feathers, or full on book nerd.

While planning your seating chart, you may stick with standard table numbers but perhaps you are at long banquet tables organized by house, or round tables organized by the many places Harry visits, i.e Diagon Alley or The Closet Under the Stairs. How many more places can you name off the top of your head?

Wedding Details

There are SO many options for favors... and ways to tie in many elements from the story to all of your specialty tables, plus who wouldn't want some liquid luck! Perhaps your place cards or invitations could be that letter from Hogwarts that we are all wishing would come.

What's at the Bar?...

Is it your favorite themed beverage? You could make the whole menu themed or pick a speciality cocktail for you and your partner.

Don't Forget about Dessert…

Hogwarts has impressive dessert buffets that Crabbe and Goyle drool over, you could create a similar buffet with many tasty treats and a small cutting cake.

After all that, I am sure your wheels are turning! What is your wizard wedding made of?? I hope you are feeling as inspired as I am.

As I finish this blog I can almost hear the final credits music playing and Hagrid waving me off for the summer before I return home. But don't fret your friends from Hogwarts will always be there for you (so will I). Let me book your themed wedding today, and we can nerd out together!

A huge thank you to our models for their cooperation. Thank you to the generous individuals who provided donations.

Photography by @lisasmootphoto

Love what you see? Work with us!

Mischief Managed……

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