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Whimsical Spring Wedding at Stove Prairie Ranch

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

LGBTQ Wedding Planning Services in Fort Collins, Colorado

Summer nights was the real inspiration behind this shoot. To me summer nights are romantic. There is just something in the air, something hopeful, peaceful, happy. I felt this way when I was in eight grade hoping for my first kiss on a summer night in the neighborhood, at a college football game, and at my own wedding reception under the stars. I started thinking how romantic it would be to get married with that feeling in the air. So this shoot was inspired by a reverse engineered wedding timeline with the reception first and the ceremony last. As a minimony, it would be very easy to accomplish. The minimony elements influenced the other decisions, will a small cutting cake, a queen’s table, and specialty lighting even included on the invitations.

Colorado Wedding custom welcome sign at venue

I was thrilled to share this styled shoot with an actual couple, Elisa and Nicole, who are planning on getting married in the fall. Their love for each other is easily apparent. The photos flowed easily as they are absolutely smitten with each other, no need for prompts to look lovingly into each other’s eyes, as these brides are what true love is all about! What else could you ask for!

The décor was inspired by whimsey. Purple came to my mind for the traditional color of royalty for our queen’s table and this built the color pallet. In honoring spring, we made it a soft purple to remind us that all the flowers are beginning to bloom. Giving us pops of orange and yellow, the flowers caught your eyes as the flowers and the couple’s love were blooming in this event! We also incorporated figs into the table scape providing texture. Candlesticks and unique tableware made our brides feel like queens! It is 2021 after all, we had to bring the queens into the current century by adding a food truck that served specialty teas and treats.

Since we had two brides who were going for a dreamy but different style, regular bouquets just didn’t fit the bill. I decided to give them each something different! After presenting my idea for differing bouquets, the florist nailed it by bringing these two differing styles to life. For Elisa, we had a hoop bouquet with varying heights and flowers. There were even flowers that were practically standing on the hoop giving it eye-catching dimension. Nicole had the wearable floral bouquet. This is a trend I hope to see more of, as it was absolutely breathtaking! The beautiful floral necklace sat on Nicole just like a wreath. It provided a delicate look that complimented the dress and the couple! Without the traditional bouquets, our brides had their hands free to embrace each other for every photo!

Stove Prairie Ranch has so many perks. I describe it to people as the stone farm buildings that you would see in Scotland, but just happen to be here in Colorado. It has an castle like barn feel to all of their buildings, except they actually have farm animals. We couldn’t very easily have queens with out their noble steeds.

The last element of this shoot was the ceremony. This grassy hilltop was a perfect setting for lights and love. Having an intimate ceremony was perfect for navigating in the dark. Exchanging vows under the night sky reflected the twinkling stars with the twinkle in the brides’ eyes as they celebrated their love. It was everything you could imagine it to be; a perfect night to feel the magic in the air of their love for one another.

Love what you see? Work with us!

Vendor Team:

Event Design + Planning: @carvercoordinaton

Venue: @stoveprairieranch_events

Photography: @hillarysheddphotography

Videography: @tashajoymedia

Flowers & Installation: @paperheartprod

Hair + Makeup:

Wardrobe + Accessories: @abeillebridal

Signage: @scarlet.gilia.creative

Print/Stationary: @violetpressinvitations

Lighting + Dishware: @frontrangeeventrentalLinens: @coloradotablecloth

Chairs + Furniture: @copartyrentals

Food Truck: @Slurpzteacompany

Cake: @SweetsbyDenise4

Models: @nicolemarieaviles @lis_13

Assistant Coordinator: @DJRoyer4


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