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Top Five Non Traditional Desserts to serve at your Wedding

Updated: Jan 21

When thinking of your wedding day- dessert is an essential decision. However, if you are not a cake lover, it can be a struggle to pick what dessert to serve your guests. This blog will give you five helpful and unique dessert ideas to serve your guests.

  1. Churros

Churros are a super fun way to individualize your guests' dessert options. You can provide filled churros, frosted churros, or regular churros! The choices are limitless and full of options to insert your own creativity.

Donut Wall

A donut wall can create a fun and rustic look for your wedding. It is by far the cheaper option on the wedding dessert spectrum. It can be provided as the main desert or as a small appetizer before ceremony or during cocktail hour! SUper cute options to add some non-traditional spice to your wedding day!

  1. Smores

Smores are a super fun way to engage in intimate wedding ceremonies. Whether you have individual canisters at each table to make s'mores or you have the whole crew join you by the fire, smores can be a fun option for your guests. You can also leave them as party favors in prepackaged looks that guests take home with them. Overall, a fun way to provide extra options on your wedding day!

  1. Ice cream bar

Ice cream bar is a dreamy way to add some fun variety. It can take up space during the transition from ceremony to dinner when you want to capture some extra pictures, or be served tastefully during dancing. Either way ice cream is a great way to let your personality shine through, with multiple ways to customize and provide extra experience for the guests.

  1. Mini Pies

Mini Pies are perfect for a more western wedding theme. You can individually package them or give everyone their own. Pies are a solid choice for providing multiple flavors and giving the guests an opportunity to choose what they want to eat!

Written by Ashley, Carver Coordination

Phots by: @wildhearts.bigdreams

Dessert Bar by: @kaycies_custom_cakes @

Venue: @ristcanyoninn

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