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Dusty Blue and Copper Winter Wedding at Bonnie Blues, Elizabeth Colorado

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Inspired By Miranda Lambert Songs

When planning the style of a wedding, so much creativity can be born out of unique inspiration!

When you mention Miranda Lambert, 2 words come to mind: Style and Sass! The country artist has been turning heads with her spitfire attitude and non-traditional songs that have captured the hearts of millions. This Bonnie Blues Styled Shoot was all about capturing the wild spirit that Miranda portrays in her songs and breaking the standard traditions to encompass the personal styles of the bride and groom with a backdrop of the heart of the West: Colorado.

Bluebird’s lyrics include: I’ll keep a light on in my soul, keep a bluebird in my heart. It wouldn’t be a Miranda themed wedding if it wasn’t built on that foundation of blue. The Color palette pulls the Dusty Blues from the Colorado evening skies with hues of darker blues, ivories, and pops of copper to keep that essential sassy element in the mix.

If you’ve never been to the Bonnie Blues Event Venue in Elizabeth, Colorado, just picture the most quintessential Colorado postcard and you’re there! With a direct shot of the Rocky Mountains in the background, and a natural prairie setting surrounding you, you feel like you are back in the wild wild west, where people and nature went hand in hand. I was inspired to incorporate the love of the mountains, which resulted in the design of the themed décor including triangle plates, stone jewelry, hand painted watercolor invitations, and the mountain silhouettes of the arches.

Miranda’s concert dress is always one of fringe, feathers, leather jackets, or in other words, a boho goddess. Our bride wore the perfect balance in her gorgeous dress from the Blushing Bride in Windsor, CO. Boho, feathers, and all of the sass were represented as she came down the aisle!

Breaking the norm is a common theme with Miranda Lambert and with weddings today. I celebrate breaking from tradition, so that is why we decided to have a mixed wedding party. Today was all about demonstrating having the people you love stand beside you, whether you were a groomsman, groomswoman, bridesmaid, or bridesman. The seating was also inspired by Miranda’s music. Mess with my Head lyrics say: Sitting so pretty on my velvet couch. The drama for getting that perfect lounging shot was priceless and perfectly captured the spirit of the bride.

If you’re looking for wedding props, adding a Little Red Wagon was too good to leave out! There’s also an Easter egg to another one of Lambert’s hits hiding in the red wagon referring to her song These Are the Best Years of My Life when she was in her singing group, the Pistol Annie's.

“It all just seems so good the way we had it, back before everything became automatic.”- Automatic inspired the antique touches, with a special place to incorporate a typewriter guestbook. By adding in a non-traditional element that will make your guests actually want to sign the guestbook, you keep your style and sass and add some fun for your guests! Using a typewriter is a new experience for most people and added a whimsical element to a pretty “typical” wedding tradition.

We had to throw in one final touch from Lambert’s musical career, and I think it is easy to say it stole the show! This lyric runner has the word from her song “Makin Plans”. Which is after all, what all of us strive to do in the wedding industry.

Miranda Lambert lyrics on table runner at Colorado wedding

Miranda has inspired us for almost 20 years, with her spirited performances, undeniable sass, and raw music that tells of truths, strong women, and breaking traditions. Carver Coordination was inspired by her and the undeniable beauty of the wilds of Colorado to create an experience that suited an elegant style, while also tying in elements of fun and surprise into the venue and guest experience.

Love what you see? Work with us!

Vendor Team: So many wonderful vendors and models were involved to make this shoot possible.

Event Design & Planning: @carvercoordinaton

Venue: @bonnieblueseventvenue


Videography: @priyamayafilms

Flowers & Installation: @stephaniewearne


Makeup: @logansprobeauty

Wardrobe: @blushingbrideco

Signage: @sweetlyliveddesign

Print/Stationary: @smoot.lisa

Rentals: @theborrowingbride @copartyrentals @coloradotablecloth

Models: @zoantonow @KyleK86 @smoot.lisa @ashe_stiles

Publication: @coloradoweddingmagazine

Copywriting: @Laura Lau

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