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5 Ways a Planner can Make a Vendor’s Life Easier

Updated: Feb 12

Weddings are joyous occasions celebrating the union of 2 partners who want to make a life commitment, but they can also be filled stressful situations that need assistance and guidance.

Planners are just that! The moving parts of a wedding are aided by a planner’s organizational skills and ability to sort each step of the process. Here are 5 ways a planner can make a vendor’s life easier.

1. Planners carry out the big and small details of the timeline and help keep everyone on the same schedule.

2. Planners’ problem solves stressful situations and can make compromises with the wedding party and vendors to keep all parties happy and professional.

3. Planners set up vendor meetings to go over budgets and design visions so there is no confusion during the wedding

4. Planners confirm load in and breakdown times so the wedding party and guests are kept entertained and things run smoothly

5. The Planner will have a diagram of set up for the vendors so they can have an easy way to plan out the tables, chairs, décor, etc.

Planners and vendors are going to interact a ton through this process. Five ways to make it easier for vendors: Open communication.

-Kiki & Ashley

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