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How To Have The Perfect Wedding Send Off

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

You’ve selected the venue, you've hired the vendors, you've bought the wedding dress,

the tux, and the rings, you've booked your honeymoon, you've sent your invites, the

seating chart is (nearly) perfect, and your wedding is almost here! Likely one of the most

exciting days of your life that you've both been planning for months is right around the

corner, and you have everything figured out. The final incredible moment for your

sendoff is the last step to close the amazing day and start your journey in marriage!

Yet, what should you do to ensure your wedding sendoff is just as incredible as your

entrance? Should you combine your sendoff with the last dance as the night winds

down? Should you incorporate things you love into the sendoff and get creative? Or

should you use confetti, bubbles, streamers, balloons, or wedding sparklers?

We break down all of the different ways you can have the perfect wedding sendoff


Plan Ahead

First, it is crucial that you figure out where you want the wedding sendoff to happen.

Having a designated spot will allow you both to stay organized, and everyone will know

where to go when the time comes. The DJ or band will announce when it's time for the

sendoff, and ensuring everyone knows where to go will be vital in staying on track and

on time. The DJ or band should also be critical in making sure that everyone stays

excited and ready to send you off when the time comes, so discussing with the DJ or

band what you want the last song to be before sendoff and the instructions they should

give will be crucial as well.

Determining what your venue will allow too is a significant factor when planning your

wedding sendoff. Make sure that whatever you want your dream sendoff to be like is

permitted by the venue!

Now to the fun part – what are the different ways you can make your wedding

sendoff perfect?

There are hundreds of different ways you can have the perfect wedding sendoff.

However, it depends entirely on your personalities and how you want to enter the world

as a married couple officially. We describe some of the most popular wedding sendoffs

we've seen, but not one of them is better than the other. It all depends on what you want

and what makes you both feel the most special and excited!


Different ways to light up the aisle as you exit can be a beautiful way to be "sent off."

Whether you line the aisle with candles, such as romantic pillar candles, you can create

a beautifully romantic ambiance as you set off!

Balloons Release

Your guests can each grab a balloon that everyone then releases into the sky as you

are sent off! This can be exciting and uplifting for you and yours!

Sky Lanterns

Sky lanterns are another beautiful way to be sent off, specifically if the reception ends

during the nighttime, which most weddings do.

Release Butterflies

Releasing butterflies can symbolize happiness, life, and new beginnings! The key to

using this type of sendoff is ensuring that you hire a butterfly company that prioritizes

the butterflies’ safety.

Toss Rice, Sprinkles, Confetti, or Flowers

Tossing rice is a traditional way to do a sendoff, bringing in a tradition that dates back

centuries. If you want to bring a more modern approach, you can also toss sprinkles or

confetti to demonstrate the celebratory occasion! Your guests can also throw flowers,

putting a twist on tossing something and choosing the flower of your choice to

symbolize the marriage.

Wedding Sparklers

Sparklers are a fantastic way to add extra glimmer without having to deal with the extra

smoke or ash residue from traditional lighting. Check out this wedding sparkler guide on

everything you need to know about purchasing them for your big day.


If you want to go big, you can have actual fireworks set up to launch during your

sendoff. However, you must ensure that your venue permits this and can create the

magnificent show you want!

Land Getaway

A land getaway is a classic way to head off to your final destination or honeymoon

destination. Whether you jet off in a vintage car, a motorcycle, or some other form of

transportation, you and yours will love driving away to your future as your families and

loved ones send you off!

Need some more inspiration? Check out our ultimate guide describing 30 Top Wedding

Send Off Ideas For The Perfect Exit.

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