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The Perfect Table Décor

Updated: Jan 21

One of the most exciting items to check off on your wedding to do list is the table décor. This décor gives room for so much personalization where you can let your character shine through. A quick overview of the items needed to create your table décor is tablecloths, napkins, plates, silverware, glassware, table numbers, and centerpiece décor.

The first step to consider when picking out the perfect table décor is the tablecloths. You can choose if you would like a tablecloth or if you want to see the table underneath. If you have a table that is rustic and has a nice grain of wood, a tablecloth may not be necessary. However, if not, you will need to pick out the table color. A lot of couples choose neutral with a staple white or tan color but the options are limitless for whatever color you desire. The second item to consider to is then the napkins and which color napkins cloths you would like, and which would look nice with the tablecloth that you are choosing. Next, you will need to decide on dishware- plates, forks, spoons, knives, and glasses. Choose a color and style of plate, and rent out the forks, knives, spoons, and glassware to create a full and classy look for your table. Next, you should consider the table numbers, which gives you some room for personalization. Do you like a classy glass setting with cursive writing? Do you like more of a rustic style with a piece of wood and the burned table number? Whatever style you prefer, let your personality shine through on your table décor. The next, and personally my favorite part, is the center piece option. You can choose to have large candle centerpieces with greenery, floral statement centerpieces, a mixture of both, and a completely personalized centerpiece of your own imagination. One of the best parts of table décor is being able to create a fun place for your guests to enjoy. You can put your personality into the table, add your favorite colors, and make it spectacular. Enjoy every detail and thought you put into it!

Venue: @ristcanyoninn

Photography: @pureleephoto

Florals: @jaelemae

Photography: @lindsaygracephotography

Venue: @younger_ranch

Florals: @stephanie.wearne

Venue: @blackcanyonweddings

Photography: @brookeconferphoto

Florist: @stephaniewearne

Venue: @thestvrain

Photography: @leilanilyphoto

Florist: @lafayetteflorist

Written by: Ashley A, Carver Coordination

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