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Moody Minimalist Wedding with All the Personal Touches at Rist Canyon Inn, Colorado

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

What a beautiful wedding day for Miranda and Anthony!!

This moody wedding had so many unique personalized touches and shows that you can have a beautiful wedding day in a minimalistic way. This wedding had less than six months of planning!!!

Rist Canyon Inn is one of our preferred venues and we love what it has to offer! This venue offers a beautiful pasture ceremony location, large indoor/outdoor reception space, two different cocktail hour locations, a groomsman getting ready suite and an onsite getting ready house that you can book the night of your wedding! With an amazing venue owner, this wedding location aways exceeds expectations!

The most beautiful rustic farmhouse wedding day aesthetic!

Even more beautiful than the venue is our married couple!! Blue Canoe Photography did an amazing job at capturing their love!!

There were multiple noteworthy wardrobe moments at this wedding!

Our favorite is the brides handmade jacket, coming all the way from Russia. It arrived just days before the wedding, and we couldn’t be happier it made it. It adds a wonderful touch of her personality to her bridal outfit!

The grooms wedding party included matching vans in their attire that make for some amazing photos!

And of course, we can’t forget about this sock choice moment!

Let’s take a pause to hand out an award for cutest bridal party!!

Such a fun choice to go with different colored bridesmaid dresses. They couldn’t complement each other better! We love this idea because it allows your wedding party to choose a color and style that they feel comfortable in. This color combination is everything!

Oh, did we mention the bride made those bouquets?

Miranda designed these faux flower bouquets for her bridal party and the grooms boutonniere. They are beautiful, and last forever. We love a DIY bride!

The ceremony and centerpiece florals were also faux! Faux flowers are a great option as they can cut the cost of florals by a lot! They also can be repurposed as house décor or as keep sake items for you and your wedding party.

Faux flowers are so much easier to transport and make day of set up quick. Plus, they will look amazing the whole day, no stress of them dying halfway through the reception!

Speaking of DIY, all of their beautiful signage was hand painted too!!

What a cute idea! Miranda and Anthony chose a nontraditional guest book! Including a polaroid for guests to take some fun photos and tape into their book!

The couple chose to have a shortened timeline with their photographer, staying until just before the start of the reception. For many couples this may be a great option to save money in this area, as you can see, they still have tons of fantastic photos. Including this one she captured of the catered meal, two different food trucks!!!

Food trucks have been a big hit lately!! There are so many different options to choose from and often are far more affordable than a traditional catered meal. They are more casual, but they are so fun, and for the right couple a great option!

We are wrapping up this beautiful wedding with an extra photoshoot opportunity! An onsite air stream that’s definitely Instagram worthy! All guests are welcome to take a step inside and enjoy!

This wedding was unique as it had a Sunday wedding date, for most venues including Rist Canyon that means a shortened timeline, usually with an end by 9pm. This can be tricky when there is so much to include in the day. This is where a planner can be so helpful!

This couple chose a Sunday date to honor a passed family members birthday!

Your wedding date is a great opportunity to honor a family member or choose a meaningful moment for your family or for you as a couple.

"Stacie is a GODSENT. I was ready to take on the not so simple task of planning my wedding in three months on my own but when our vendor referenced Stacie to us I figured I'd better take them up on the offer. And so glad I did! She was key in developing a timeline for all the vendors, helped make hard decisions easy, and on the day of set everything up better than I had even imagined. That's only a few of the wonderful things she did to add to our special day. If you want a smooth, stressless wedding day hire this lovely lady and she will make your dreams come true 💖"

We feel so grateful to of been a part of such an amazing wedding day for Miranda and Anthony!! 6-26-22

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Blog by Katie- Lead Planner

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