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Steamboat Springs Field Wedding at The Home Ranch

Ali contacted me after deciding to create her own tent wedding in a field at the Home Ranch. It was a ranch that is special to her and Chase. They both worked there and it felt like home.

A tent wedding in a flied comes with all kinds of challenges. Power and bathrooms being one of those. She had generators and a trailer portopotty to meet these basic needs. There were designated parking areas, lit pathways and a shuttle for folks from the party back to their cars and to lodging!

The ceremony was held in an open field. It had beautiful views especially in fall. The wedding party arrived to the ceremony in a horse drawn wagon. They had live musicians for the ceremony that played throughout the cocktail hour.

Cocktail hour also had a Beer Burro! He was a cutie with beers in his saddle baskets. Marlin Brando made friends with many and smiled for many pictures!

We had to stay warm in the mountains! This meant personalized leather jacket.

Chase went above and beyond in the gifting area for his groomsmen. His thank you gift for them was handmade leather suspenders. He combined his hobby and love for his gang to create this truly special gift.

The reception tent was a great set up and it worked well to have sides on it since the wind picked up a little. This helped protect the floral and dishware from any wind and dirt.

For the head table, there was floral that was a mix of greenery and dried florals. This was mixed with candles and wood rounds that they incorporated on the round table centerpieces.

The food was something to talk about too! They had a large grazing table Charcutarie board as appetizers for cocktail hour. Then family style salmon, pork, salad, and more for each table! There was even a pig for grazing and viewing purposes. The dessert bar also came out later in the night! So many delicious treats.

The final big hit of this wedding was the band! They played from dinner through the end of the night and kept the dancefloor full!

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Dawn & Michael Moon (musicians)

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