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Estes Park Neutral, Summer Boho Wedding

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Susannah and Hunter hired us for full service planning and they were so fun to work with throughout the process!

Here is the sweet summary of their proposal in the bride’s words:

“We were on our way out to Estes for vacation, and I knew that while we were there Hunter was planning on talking to my dad and getting his blessing to marry me. So anyways, Hunter had gotten his mom to tell a little white lie and ask us to stop at Junto Winery in Nebraska to pick up some wine for her boss, because she said it was his favorite winery. So we stopped to pick up the order, and the employee there told us that it would be a bit of a wait, but that they had arranged for us to have a glass while we waited. So we got our glasses, sat down outside next to a beautiful waterfall, and Hunter started out by saying “So I don’t think I’m that nervous to ask your dad’s permission to marry you...because I actually already have.” And then he proposed! He told me afterwards that he had secretly flown out to CO a couple weeks before for less than a day just so he could talk with my dad. I had no idea!”

The couple relocated to Colorado and the bride’s parents live in Estes Park which is why they chose to get married there. They had lots of friends standing by their side with 20 people in total for their wedding party!

For the design of the wedding, the couple stuck with pretty neutrals and a summer boho theme which perfectly matched the vibe of their venue. They had a unique hanging floral element as well which was stunning. For guests, they had a cigar bar which was a huge hit.

The photos from the day are spectacular. Lauren Leyba Photography used both film and digital to capture the day. Some of our favorite photos are the mountain top photos they took after the wedding. They look like they are straight out of a magazine!

We loved planning with Susannah and Hunter and wish them a lifetime of happiness!

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