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Modern Eclectic Fall Wedding

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

During the planning process, David and Haley described their wedding vision as a cozy fall celebration and that’s exactly what they got! They had the most amazing Colorado fall day with the trees all perfectly golden, and that just added to the magic. They described feeling so loved, so special, and so celebrated by their wonderful friends and family.

They chose Rist Canyon Inn for their venue because of it’s beauty and proximity to their hometown of Fort Collins. However, it was still tucked away in the foothills which they wanted. They love the historic nature of the buildings, the fact that everything from getting ready to late night partying were all held in the same place, and the ceremony site in a field overlooking the mountains and cottonwood trees.

Their theme was modern eclectic hand-crafted fall. The colors ranged from rusts to sages to creams. Haley (who is a professional graphic designer and illustrator) created all the invitations and signage with colors and hand-drawn botanical illustrations inspired by the venue, and the bridal party wore rust and brown tones in varying rich textures and silhouettes. They wanted everything to feel bespoke and true to the time and place of the wedding. Their flowers were a really textural explosion of oranges, deep reds, soft greens, and whites.

One part they were most excited about was the ceremony. The ceremony was so special—every aspect of it was tailored to be perfectly them. They wrote their own vows, had Haley’s sister’s boyfriend officiate, curated the music themselves, and the setting really made it amazing. They also made up our own ritual during the ceremony—they both drank wine from the same medieval-style drinking horn to symbolize our union.

They also shared that two of their favorite memories:

“We wrote our own vows and our officiant wrote his speech in little moleskin booklets—they looked great aesthetically but all of us underestimated how often we’d be turning pages and how hard that would be. The quiet pauses and whispered “next page...” throughout the ceremony added a level of silliness that was perfectly us.

We also curated all of our own playlists throughout the night in lieu of a DJ, and they were a massive hit with our guests who spent more time on the dance floor than I think any other wedding we’ve been to! It was so much fun.”

Wishing David and Haley a lifetime of happiness!

"We were recommended Stacie via our wedding venue and we're so happy we had her to help us sail smoothly through our special day! She is on top of everything and has the most detailed checklists to make sure all the pieces are falling together as they should be. She was incredible to have alongside us on our wedding day and throughout final pre-wedding steps, and our wedding was an absolute dream with all of her help. We highly recommend her to help coordinate your wedding day!" - Haley

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Vendor Team:

Photography (flash and edited): Pure Lee Photography

Florals: Jae Le Mae


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